global feminisms

This is a page to share info about radical feminist projects around the country and the world.  Please add more to this page or in the comments.

Sangtin Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan (SKMS)

or the Sangtin Peasants’ and Laborers’ Organisation is a people’s movement based in Sitapur District of Uttar Pradesh, India. It emerged from Sangtin, a group established by rural women in 1999 with an aim to enact “empowerment from below” in every sense of the term. SKMS is devoted to the principle of collective vision and leadership, and its 5000 members have mobilized and struggled around a range of issues including access to irrigation waters, fair wages and right to livelihood, corruption, and everyday violence and injustices along the lines of class, caste, and gender. Over ninety percent of SKMS’s members are from dalit communities, and more than half of them are women.

–> To read an awesome book about this movement, check out Playing With Fire

“Seven voices contribute to this rare glimpse of the work being done on the front lines of the fight for social change in India. Playing with Fire is written in the collective voice of women employed by a large NGO as activists in their communities and is based on diaries, interviews, and conversations among them. Together their personal stories reveal larger themes and questions of sexism, casteism, and communalism, and a startling picture emerges of how NGOs both nourish and stifle local struggles for solidarity.”  — One of the co-authors, Richa Nagar, is a professor of Women’s Studies at the University of Minnesota.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

RAWA is the oldest political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women’s rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan since 1977.

The London Feminist Network (LFN)

a women-only networking and campaigning organisation, formed in 2004 to unite London-based feminist groups and individuals in action! We currently have more than 1000 members. We work closely with other groups in London and elswhere in the UK, supporting various feminist campaigns in order that we can broaden our movement and work together for women’s rights and against patriarchy in all its forms. We aim to meet monthly to share news, listen to guest speakers, plan campaigns and demonstrations, network and support each other.

Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

Women’s freedom is the measure of freedom and humanity in society. Not only in Iraq where women endure the most severe types of discrimination and injustice, but also in the more developed countries in the world today, the realization of full equality among women and men still requires continuous struggle and serious and rapid steps. The Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq considers itself an indivisible part of the great, historic, and universal struggle for women’s liberation. Women’s rights are universal. They do not submit to any divisions based upon borders, cultures, ethnicities and religions. Furthermore, women’s liberation from male chauvinistic shackles in Iraq will have a profound ripple effect on women’s status and people’s lives in the Middle East.

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