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Notes 3/6/10

Wrapping up One-Dimensional Woman (sections on consumer culture, girls on film, and pornography)
Is porn good or bad? Changes in pornography since WWII: shift from many people on screen to one person. Spectator is no longer in the porn – becomes the viewer. Pornography during the French Revolution – used as a way of attacking established order.

Girls finding the “one” – commodifying one’s partner. Finding men is like consuming goods.
Sex commune: free love – different power structure emerged based on attractiveness.
Alternative ways of living can challenge capitalism, and we were disappointed that this piece did not provide examples of successes, only failures.

Building Coalitional Consciousness
Women’s groups during the 60s/70s. Purpose was to get women together to talk about their experiences, find commonalities in these experience, then brainstorm actions.

Issues with these meetings: groups were homogeneous; excluded other women based on race, class, etc. “Me too” moments helped create connections between the women in the groups, but were also detrimental to overall movement as it could include too many people that may not actually feel that way.

We need to acknowledge ways we are oppressed, and also how we participate in oppression. Look for resistances to oppressions that are already happening – identify specific oppressions, and resistances to those.

Consciousness-raising groups do not need to be “safe spaces” – it is okay, and necessary for progress, to have have conflicts and challenges. Experience discomfort without withdrawing/hiding. Open ourselves up – use discussion tactics. Seeking progress, not a home (or maybe some of both).

Moving from consciousness-raising to consciousness-building: expanding to challenge outside world/society will be a struggle. Privileged members of the coalition may have to give up privilege – challenge to those persons. Struggles of guilt and anger must be collective, not just personal.

Members of our group are interested in trying consciousness-building!

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